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Day 3 – Killin’ It!!!

April 28th, 2013

Thursday was Day 3 of my cleanse and I finally did it right!!! I woke up and weighed myself – 156!  Heck ya! – I dropped another pound!  No alcohol, no coffee (our caffeine), no fruit, no beans, but just little scoop of soynut butter.  OK – so here is how it went: got to work and drank as much as water as I could and then around 11:30 had my first green juice.  More water followed and around 1ish I had a sweet beet.  2:30 was about the time Mike brought me and a carrot juice and that was essentially my day.  I find it very easier to adhere to our system at work during the day.  Its when I get home  – that is when the temptations start.  But I persevered! I made a nummy salad for dinner – greens, cucumber, onion, and avocado.   Munched it all down around 6pm and told myself – that was it for the day – no more food – just water.  Well I was doing really good – but I am the type of guy that loves dessert (don’t we all?!?) and around 9pm my cravings started.  I said to myself: just eat a celery stock and you’ll be fine.  Grabbed one, ate it, grabbed another one, ate it, then grabbed another one (oht oh!) and went to the pantry, opened the soynut butter and took the tiniest scoop onto my celery stock and ate it!! :(


It was barely a tablespoons worth – but I did it anyways – so that surely brought my ‘A+’ grade down to a ‘B’.  Folks, I’m only human!  But I am proud of myself – my best grade of the week! Not perfect, but pretty good.  I am learning a lot from my first cleanse – it takes some preparation and you can’t be arrogant about it (ah, this will be no problem).  It takes willpower and perseverance.  But hey at least I’m trying!  I am just a common man who loves beer and chicken wings and desserts!  But we all know that stuff does nothing for you and in fact it hurts you.  We all need to strive to eat a little better and if you do strive – even a little bit – you have to pat yourself on the back and say to yourself: boy, soon you will be killin’ it everyday (or close to it!).

Weekends coming up – stay tuned to hear if I stay a murderer or if I break like a bone in a drummy!