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Cleansing Spring Dinner

April 5th, 2013

Salad Taco Wraps, bakes beets and squash, alkaline ionized H20

My favorite new salad tacos:

green cabbage leaves

dijon mustard

chopped romaine

chopped cucumbers

sliced avacado

chopped cilantro


These little salad tacos are so addictive, and they take quite awhile to eat, which makes the meal last longer. I’m a big fan of long, lingering meals, but I try to make sure I linger over healthy food. Raw veggies take a long time to chew, and their fresh crunch is very satisfying. I added a baked winter squash and some sliced baked beets for some warmth.

We’ve started buying alkaline ionized water from a great cafe near us called The Living Waters Cafe: http://www.livingwatersmarket.com/Water.html What an amazing difference in hydration! There is nothing like good quality water. Food is more satisfying, sleep is better, workouts are easier.

Minnesota is still a bit chilly and I really wanted something warm for dessert. Enter TAZO Passion tea http://amzn.to/10AworM with a squirt of Nu Naturals no alcohol stevia http://amzn.to/16u7GLc . YUM!!!