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Hello Everyone!

April 24th, 2013

My name is Mark Muller and I am the new (and first) sales rep/marketing mngr. for The Juice Works! Stoked to be apart of the team here!  Yesterday was my first day on the job and also the first day of my first cleanse!  I am doing a 5-day juice til dinner cleanse.  This is the FIRST time I have ever done a cleanse!  Day one went well – but I have to admit I cheated a little.  I started my day off with a banana (fruits are not recommended) but I had to eat it because it was about to go bad.  I also DID NOT drink coffee for the first time in forever! Lots of water in the morning and I had my first green juice around 11am.  Then later on I had a sampling of the carrot juice and also the sweet beet juice around 3pm. The day went by and it was pretty easy!  Around 5pm when I left work I was SOOOOOOO hungry! For dinner I had a wrap with vegi’s and a half patty of the Morning Star vegi chicken.

Pretty good – right?

Well then I went out to meet my girlfriend at the bar and nibbled on some french fries (only a few) and ate some artichoke dip as well as one and a half beers! – OOPS!

I was a little disappointed in myself for eating and drinking at the bar – but I was still hungry and plus I LOVE beer!  I’m giving myself a ‘C’ grade for performance on my first day of the cleanse.  But…. I know its working because I usually weigh anywhere between 161 – 166 and when I hopped on the scale this morn:157!

I was at 157! YAY FOR ME!! I’m pretty stoked – lost a few pounds and I am feeling great!  I’m cleansing to lose a little weight and also to flush my system/re-set my body.  Stay tuned to TJW blog and see how it goes for me the rest of the week!