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Report on Day 2 of my Cleanse

April 25th, 2013

Gooooooood afternoon people! So yesterday was day 2 of my 5 day cleanse.  I am happy to report that the day went went well.  As usual – I drank a ton of water in the morning and had my first (green) juice around 11:30.  I would also like to note that I DID NOT have coffee again this morning! And to my surprise – it wasn’t really that hard to go without it.  I then had a sweet beet juice around 1pm and then I tried one of our new juices – the Hot Mama at 3:30.  I left work around 4pm and yes – I was feeling a little hungry for dinner at this time.  When I got home I opened the fridge and noticed I had some hummus that my girlfriend made that I needed to eat before it went bad so I munched on that with some carrots and then I had one of my favorite snacks which is celery and soynut butter (same as peanut butter) but more delicious! Now eating beans and nuts are NOT recommended while cleansing so this is going to hurt my grade for yesterday – but one of my pet peeves is wasting food so I had to do it!  On my next cleanse I will be more prepared and make sure that I don’t have any lingering fruits, nuts, or beans that need to be eaten.

Now if I could have just ended my consumption there I would have been in good shape – but Wednesday is the day I always go skateboarding and it was my turn to bring the beer to the bowl! Sooooooooo I did end up drinking two PBR’s – but in my defense I did skate super hard for 2 solid hours! Again – alcohol is NOT recommended while cleansing.  I promise everyone – no beer drinking tonite!

This morning I hopped on the scale thinking for sure I was going to be at least one pound under yesterdays weight – but nope – I came in at 157 again.  I felt like I ate less food yesterday then the day before, plus I got 2 hours of exercise (and none the day before) so that’s why I was thinking I would be a little bit lighter.  I’m still happy with where I’m at even though I’ve been cheating on my first 2 days of the cleanse – nobody’s perfect – right?

I’m going to give myself another ‘C’ grade for performance yesterday.

My goal today (day 3) is to adhere to ALL of the recommendations that we have for our cleanse.

Please stay tuned for how I do – blog ya tomorrow! – MM